Offsite Streaming

Looking for a solution and just want to run one by you guys and see if this is my best option. I love Yatse, and I want to be able to use it offsite to watch or stream my library. So what I have come up with is a FTP as a host and connecting to that when I am offsite. Does this sound correct?

Not at all :slight_smile:
Yatse talks to Kodi and can’t directly connect to an FTP.

You can open Kodi to internet, use BubbleUPnp that Yatse now support, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, …

Or you can download the media to your phone and play offline.

would bubbleupnp sync with my mysql library and update status’s? I love yatse’s layout and using it everywhere I don’t have my kodi solution is my goal. I travel a lot.

Bubble by itself no the goal would be to transcode the media to use less bandwith.

But you can have a VPN to allow your phone to connect your lan from anywhere, or use a reverse proxy or many other ways. I don’t really understand your limitations, but as long as Yatse can talk to Kodi it will work being on the LAN or not.

Ok thats my question, I am just looking for best solution to connect to my server at home. I was hoping to us sftp to add as a server in yatse to connect to home and watch remotely.