Offline media file names


Love the app and bought the premium version to access the additional features. Everything works very smoothly, including the feature to download the media to store offline. However, I’m wondering if there is a way to have the downloaded files inherit the original file names instead of a string of, what looks like completely random numbers/letters? Would be awesome to know what something was by the filename itself when browsing the folder in a file explorer, and not have to play each file to see what it was.


The files can and should be played directly from Yatse no need to use a file browser.

Click the cast button and select local device.

Wiki have videos and details about that.

Yeah, they can and are able to be played directly from within the app itself. But their names when viewing them from anything outside the app is something completely different, and basically impossible to identify. So I’m wondering if there is a way for the folders/files to just adopt the original name instead for when I’m not in the app, but simply viewing the directory on the SD card from outside the app.

No it’s not possible for many reason and in Android 11 you won’t even be able to browse Yatse folders.
There’s also an option to add the media to the media store so that any application can see them and play them without the need for the file name. (But will be broken in Android 11).

What is the use case for the need?

Oh, okay. Yeah that was sort of my idea as well. To download the media via the app on my phone, and then bring it with me and browse the folder from another device and have it be able to recognize the files and automatically link the correct metadata to it, sort of how it normally works in kodi if you have proper file names. I get it if it’s a limitation of android though, not much you can do. :slight_smile: