No pictures on latest Leia nightly

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description:
When I go to video or pvr I don’t see images for films and no pvr icons. Before it worked.
Logs: (81.3 KB) (181.3 KB) (106.6 KB)


Additional information:
First yatse log without debuging on kodi and no pictures for films and pvr
After debug mode was enabled on yatse and kodi it received films pictures, but PVR icons still empty.

No logs no chocolate :slight_smile:

The template and the link is to be read :frowning:

[] failed with http: 404

Kodi says that the images are not present seems the last security change did break something as the images are stored in a forbidden place.

Unfortunately you are using coreElec so Kodi team won’t help. Will see if I can reach someone despite the ban.

Why are the icons stored in /storage/picons/Logo/MTS_INFO_LOGO.png ?

Did you choose that path?

I use my personal m3u list and personal icons. Yes, I choose that path
There are additional logs from windows, the same problem (39.2 KB)
kodi.log (47.8 KB)
So this one can be used for kodi support :slight_smile:

Then you can report directly with those.

The issue is that Kodi prevent access to those folders, you need to either put the images in a subfolder of your Kodi profile home dir or add a source in Kodi that point to the folder of the icon.

Where do you configure that path ?

I need to know what to report them
For pvr I configure path from pvr iptv simple addon
For films it cached one time somehow and new films again without picture.

What I told you before they refuse access to the images.

Move them to one of the 2 location I gave you and it will workaround.

For movies I need new logs and details about the missing images.

OK, thank you for clarification.
I will open issue tomorrow.