Newbie: Two questions - Custom Command Key in Remote / Volume casting

New to the app. Been using Music Pump for years but the developer isn’t interested in fixing the volume casting button issue so tried Yatse out and loving it. I can now cast volume with the phone’s volume keys while in the Yates app. Is it possible to control volume when not in the app? eg give Yatse full control of the volume buttons even when app is not in the foreground. I was able to do this in Music Pump before Android 12.

What I’m loving about Yatse is the functionality. The custom commands option are great. I’ve assigned some of these to optional keys in the yatse onscreen remote. The only issue is when media is playing the Now Playing bar covers up the custom keys :slightly_frowning_face: Is there anyway to rectify this?

Thank you!

So I fixed the remote screen issue myself. It was because I’d chosen an alternative screen layout that moved the custom keys to the bottom. Switched to another layout and now fine. So just my volume casting question outstanding :slight_smile:

Google broke outside of app volume keys on Android 12 due to Sonos lawsuits:(

For the buttons use another layout in settings. By default buttons are at the top.

Thank you. I dreaded you might say that, damn Google!

Love the wallpaper on phone feature. Is there anyway to change the resoultion so it fits the phone better? I tried both fanart and poster.

Nope, Yatse sends the url to Android that does what it wants, it depends on the Android version and the launcher.