Music album artists issue

Ok so probably not :frowning:

To be sure will need Yatse and Kodi logs then.

Here is a log file : debug.log (2.9 MB)
In the original email, there is the following message that you may want to keep:

---- Technical details, please do not remove ----
Yatse: 10.2.0-3110800 [true/0/68/126]
Android: 7.0 - 24 [armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: samsung - SM-T710 [gts28wifixx - gts28wifi]

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ok thanks so Kodi says that you have 4 album artists the issue is there :frowning:

I’ll need your Kodi logs with JSON debug enabled shows how.

Here is the kodi log file : kodi.log (517.3 KB)
I hope I did it properly.
Many thanks for helping me so kindly.


So this is a Kodi issue, I’ve forwarded to them, let’s hope for a fix :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the exact same problem. The weird thing is, I didn’t update kodi version between before and after it went wrong, only Yatse.
I did notice in my case the only artists appearing in Yatse are artists on compilations/albums where they aren’t the “album artist” (only song artist). However, that is not the same as Kodi’s albumartist.

For the record, in Kodi everything looks fine, the normal list of album artists.
Also, I re-installed 10.1.5, and in that version the album artist list looks fine again. So I really think something happened in 10.2.0

Thank you.
I went back to version 10.1.5 as well on both my android phone and my android tablet.
In both case, the issue is solved.

I understand that something may be wrong with the information sent by kodi, but in any case, the last yatse version 10.2.0 does not work in the same way as 10.1.5.

Thank you both for your support and the collaboration spirit.


This is really a Kodi issue that is being fixed by Kodi Team :slight_smile:

Yatse queries a little less data for speed and for some users that triggers a bug on Kodi side that returns wrong data.

Since this does not affect many users but the speed gain is for all, for the moment there’s no reason for Yatse to workaround that Kodi bug, specially when a fix on Kodi side is coming.

I understand that it’s frustrating but this is one of the many Kodi bugs, not a Yatse one.

Ok thanks for explaining, I wouldn’t think my music library is very special… but anyway I will stick with yatse 10.1.5 then and not update anymore

The fact that it worked was luck on Kodi side, this is not related to your music library being special.

And no the proper thing to do is update Kodi to 18.7 when it’s out with the fix. And to ask them to fix their issues :wink:

Thanks for explaining.
Does it mean that we can not accept further updates of Yatse ?

This means that either Kodi 18.7 is out soon as it should with the fix if you report to them so they hurry, or if they don’t fix I’ll be forced to add one more workaround for a Kodi bug because users always prefer to blame Yatse than Kodi :slight_smile:

But I must admit that answers like the one from @whighway is clearly highly demotivating …

Just to be clear, I don’t blame anyone :slight_smile: I’m just happy the Kodi bug luckily still works in version 10.1.5, I am just being practical, for my purposes 10.2.0 doesn’t work regardless of whether Kodi is to blame.

Do you happen to know what Kodi issue it is exactly so I can, as you suggest, encourage them to fix it?

AFAIK the issue is not public as was reported by PM. But it was more a general advice, about Kodi being full of bugs that needs reporting and insisting on fixing.
Including tons of workaround that slowdown things is not a proper long term solution.

Just for anyone interested I also created the issue here so the Kodi problem is more public:

Thanks will certainly help for the 18.7 backport :slight_smile:

And it’s fixed :slight_smile:

You can already get a nighly of v18.7 at that should have the fix.

@Tolriq :
Solved by the Kodi team. The fix xill be in 18.7

Thank you for the support and for this great app that makes the use of Kodi much more efficient !

Just what I wrote 12 minutes earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

mmhh :slightly_smiling_face:

I added my many thnaks for the development of this great app :sunglasses:

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