Missing Play with Yatse option


Could you please help me to find a missing feature where I was able to open a torrent file, then selected ‘Play with Yatse’ and then an URL sent to a remote device in the background?


No logs and missing a tons of details :slight_smile:

Either the links are invalid and not detected and I need the intent shared by the source, or you have disabled those in the settings :wink:

Not sure what can I provide, it is latest Android version, in ‘open with’ system handler there is no more option with Play with Yatse

https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote ?

Open with from what? What file? What name? What place? what other options are shown? …

Please pick any torrent file and try to open it in ES Explorer from Open As > Other > Play on media player menu

ES explorer :slight_smile: The once good app that is now a nice adware.

From the logs you can send the torrent correctly in one mode, but there’s nothing to handle the torrent file on Kodi side.

Yatse have special handling for magnet urls, for torrents you need to have correct things on Kodi side.

And BTW Android 8.1 is not last Android at all :wink:

I have Yatse Add-on installed on a remote device, and this small add-on which has been worked before.

script.yatse2elementum.zip (3.0 KB)

That addon should no more be used at is also require a modified Yatse version.

And there was nothing specific for torrent before only magnet:// urls. Nothing have changed in that regard in Yatse since a year.

Much appreciated for your support