Menu Headers Background Color

In the latest log I ve seen you have done changes to the GUI (sidebar). One of those changes was to remove the background color of the menus header? Or did you just move this option to the settings? Couldn’t find it. :-/

Even my wife told me, that she’d want it back because now UI is very dark (on dark theme) and the color (depending on the system) helped great to know with which Kodi you are connected.
We use several systems in different rooms, like living room, kids room, sleeping room etc. So, if Yatse header was shinning in blue, I instantly knew that I was connected to Living room. :slight_smile:

There’s still color on the icons in the left bar that have not changed.

Just the top header mixed color that looked awful in many many cases that is removed as often asked.

Sorry there’s no coming back :frowning:

Actually we haven’t played with all the possible colors, but the colors we have choosen looked great (like red green blue white orange pink etc).

Hmm, why do people choose colors that do not look good :smiley:

Do you think it is not possible to disable this colorized header background by default, but it can be enabled by another toggle button in settings?
Colorize Menu Header
On: takes color from profile like in the past 4 (?) years
Off (default): it looks like the “new design”

Best wishes

Nope there’s already way too much settings, as always people don’t like change until they adapt :wink:

Top icon + current activity Icon are still colored with current media center color, you still have the information you just need to adapt your eyes to look a little more to the left.

And of course there still the million other places like fab buttons + selected tabs + fast scroll + all icons indicator + nearly every where actually :slight_smile:

Sure but the background immediately attracted our attention, in contrast to the small colorized buttons and indicators…

Hmm…okay, not really satisfied, but indeed I need to respect. Now I try to explain this to my wife. This will not be an easy task :-/