Looking for old version 8.9.0a/210736

Issue description:

I mostly run Yatse on a Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9 Pie) but I also run it on an old Galaxy Tab 3 tablet with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Sorry to bother you with such an old device and version. Just these questions for now:

The tablet was working fine but then it started hanging when I try to play a video from the Kodi server. I uninstalled and reinstalled Yatse, which didn’t help. I also have an old Galaxy Note II phone with the same KitKat, and it still works fine. In trying to troubleshoot the tablet problem I ended up with different yatse versions on the two devices. The tablet may have gotten broken when I updated all the installed apps, but the phone is still OK after updating its apps (not exactly the same list of apps though).

The tablet has v8.9.0/210734, the phone that works has v8.9.0a/210736

I couldn’t find the newer version anywhere except for an un-reputable download site.

So, two questions:

  1. Can you give me v8.9.0a/210736?
  2. If it still fails (or I can’t get v8.9.0a), will you look at this if I open an issue or is this just too old for you to bother?


8.9.0a only have a fix for purchases so not needed.

And Yatse have 0 impact on performance of the streaming it just link Kodi to the player correctly then do nothing. So your issue is not Yatse related, and in all cases yes I can’t do anything anymore on those old versions.