License validation problem (Paypal) (3.7 KB)
I purchased the Unlocker via Paypal, linking it to the email address of my Google Account. Still, it appears as the license is not purchased. When I tap “purchase” it tells that the unlocker is present on the device, but it doesn’t work anyway.
I have to say that I inserted a mail still associated with the Google Account, but not GMail; that’s the only explanation I can think of, even if it shouldn’t be a problem.
I am SURE to have added properly the Google Account in my device’s settings.

Well from the logs all I can tell is that the licence is refused.

I’ll need your purchase order and the associated email to tell anything more.

Be sure you have not removed the unlocker permission of course.

Edit: You can send them by PM or email of course :slight_smile:

Wrong account added + Xprivacy removing permissions.

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