Kodi V18 - Mysql - Yatse - Thumbnail

sorry for disturb
I’m using Yatse with Kodi but with Last Kodi V18, i don’t see thumbnail.
I see the message on your wiki

Kodi 18 have a new security feature that can prevent remotes and web interfaces to access images. (Source PR)

This means that all the displayed images must either belong to a valid source or be in your Kodi profile.
This security will trigger, at the minimum, if you set PVR channels icons from a random directory, use auto mounted sources or use symlinks to create your sources as the original path will be checked.
If you face images issues, please contact support and we'll help you to fix Kodi configuration to bypass this limitation.

I’am using Kodi With Mysql because i have lot Kodi.

Can you say me how to solve the problem ?

I could have helped if you had not removed the template and forget to provide logs :slight_smile:

Without logs I can’t tell more than the Wiki

Please provide the logs and details.

Ok ok
kodi.log (24.2 KB)

I reboot my android for log but no log, i using Android X86_64

ok good i have the log for Yatse

The kodi log is not complete it lacks all the details about it :slight_smile:

And the logs from Yatse does not match the Kodi log timing.

There’s no attempt to display images in that one.

Ah, sorry i going see

Et voilà , say me it’s good or not

kodi.log (24.2 KB)

The yatse log is empty and the Kodi log is still not complete. I need the full logs.