Increase volume with tasker

Hi there,

I have tried everything but I just can’t get this to work: I would like to create a task in tasker that increases volume of my Avr. When I push the volume up button on yatse remote everything works fine. So I need to find out a command to trigger this button from tasker.

I tried the yatse tasker plugin, but all I can do is set volume to a specific value…there just is no volumeup command…i also tried to send intents (api wiki) but I cant find an intent that sends a volume up or down command…

Can you help me?

Best regards!

You lack the asked logs and many necessary details.

How is your AVR volume controlled? via CEC? Then you can create custom commands that send the kodi event server volumeup / volumedown commands.

Ok sorry Im new to this. Here is the full story:

My AVR Marantz 6012 can only be controlled in volume steps of 0.5. Which is way to slow. I have searched the Internet for a long time, until I found a plugin that could actually solve the issue. Its called Denon/Marantz plugin and can be found on playstore.

For the purpose of this very plugin I installed Kodi and yatse on my phone and actually made it work. So whenever I press the volume-up symbol in Yatse-Remote volume decrease by whatever steps I chose in the plugin. Really awesome.

My problem now is, that I would like to automate the increase or decrease of volume with tasker. I know that the plugin has direct tasker integration, but only in Yatse I can determine volume-steps.

So I have to go the tasker-yatse route to make it work. I just cant seem to find a command that triggers that command within yatse.

There must be an intent or something for that volume-up/volume down button in yatse-remote, right?

I hope you can follow me…

Thanks in advance!

Just ask the plugin author to add the missing thing :slight_smile: He is nice and reactive.

If he does not provide a custom command doing what you want then you are out of luck for the moment.

Ok so this has nothing to with yatse or my lack of understanding it, but the plugin?

I thought if it is possible in yatse to press a button that works it should be possible to somehow press that button via tasker too?

Not everything, what is exposed via external API are fixed know things, what happens when you press the button can be a tons of things depending on plugins or not, cec or not, assigned custom commands to those buttons, …

If you can create a custom commands from the plugin to volume up / down as you want then you can do it, it not then currently you can’t.

Ok thanks a lot! I’ll try to get in touch with him!