In App Search function doesn't always bring up correct results


I’ve seen this issue for a longer time now but thought I write it down finally. First:

Yatse is running on a Pixel 4XL, Kodi is Libreelec 9.2.3 (Leia) with a MySQL Database, language is German.

Problem description:
I’ve seen it happening with (mainly) Movies that the Yatse search function cannot find certain movies when using words that are in the title of the movie. I can only see this happening with Movies which have a title of more than one word. A good example is either Donnie Darko or Kill the Boss 2 (German Title, the English Title is Horrible Bosses 2).
Little Example: The Movie “Kill the Boss 2” is in my library and trying to search in Yatse for “Kill” which is the first word of the movie title will not bring the movie up, however searching for “Boss” (last word of the title) will bring it up.

I thought at first this is due to the German title that is different from the english one but as mentioned this also happens with movies like “Donnie Darko” which has the same name in english as it has in german, also it happens not with every Movie and not all Series. What could be happening here? Could this be a Bug? Here’s also a short Debug Log while searching for the words shown in the Screenshots:


What are your settings?
This is caused by Yatse looking into set/collection names as if you had the option group by set enabled, but in that case the set should be shown not the individual movies.
You have some special combination of settings / Kodi data that you’ll need to be able to tell me to reproduce :slight_smile:

Very good hunch, would have never thought of that to be honest :sweat_smile: But it makes sense. The settings I have are under database “Group Movies under Sets” but at the same time under advanced “hide sets with less than two movies”. This is my preferred behavior. When I turn the advanced setting off I see that the collection for my example is called “Horrible Bosses Collection” and not “Kill the Boss Collection” which explains why it can’t be found.

If that advanced option is turned on in this case the search would need to be for titles & collections if that is even possible. I understand this is a very edge case and only happening if both these options are turned on and the collection name differs from the standalone movie title name. However this should also happen for English movie titles, example would be Donnie Darko again: Movie standalone Title = Donnie Darko, Collection would be = Darko Collection. In this case searching for “Donnie” would not reveal the Movie.

Edit: with above solution I meant Yates would need to also look into collections to see the standalone movie title name.

It’s not hunch it’s logs :stuck_out_tongue:

But the proper fix is to take in account the other option properly. Searching for title when only the set is shown makes no sense as set name can be very different and the movies won’t be seen :wink:

Got it, that’s why you always say logs are important :smiley:
Ok great so I believe this will be in an upcoming version then to take this option into account :slight_smile:
Will test it then.