I want to change the host number

I want to use voice commands for remote control to several hosts.

Even though I can do it if I modify host number in IFTTT, I want to change the number of hosts in app.

I’m sorry but I do not understand what you want.

I want to change the number of host in android app.
(Host number : Red under line)

3 - m8skodi to 2 - m8skodi
2 - PC kodi to 3 - PCkodi

You can’t and you don’t need too, they are just internal values, they could be anything.

What is your need?

If it is possible, I can cotrol two KODI easily without modifying IFTTT.

And how would you do that change ? :slight_smile:
The place you would do that just change it to call Yatse API to connect to the host you want.

The concept of the host in ifttt is explained in the doc, you don’t need to change the ifttt config you create multiple ifttt trigger each one controlling a specific host.