Http plugin command v9.2.0B1/211021


I have two versions of yatse on two phones.
With 9.1.7/311020 I’m able to add an http plugin command and it works fine.
With 9.2.0B1/211021 I’m able to add the same http plugin command but after clicking to save nothing append, and nothing apears in personnalized command section.

Probably a beta problem.



If you had provided the logs I could tell :slight_smile:

Please provide logs as there’s about 1 million possible combination of options.

ok i sent them.


Your logs does not shows any attempt to run an http custom command.

Describe better your issue and provide proper logs please.

Yes i look at the logs too and nothing about my action, that’s why I redo and send you a video vhere you will find at the end custom command not created after saving.

Ok thanks will be fixed in beta 2.

Cool will wait :smile:

Thanks for your quick answer.

beta 2 installed this evening and functional :slight_smile: