Hide watched music video + search


In Music > Music videos, I enabled “Hide Watched”, it works fine.
But when I use the search filter, only the text filter is applied and watched video are displayed.

Hide Watched + text filter works fine when combined for Movies or TV Shows.

Do you need logs for this issue?

I always need logs as the template says.

I really need to find a bot to write it each time :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I wonder why I still try …

For the record you giving the logs = 10 seconds fix.
You not giving the logs = 2 hours fix (include the time to try to understand have proper similar data, repro to have those logs …)

That 1h59 in this case not spend on other more useful improvements.

Please don’t spend 2 hours on this, I’ll send you the logs next time I use these filters :slight_smile:

Well too late, Yatse is bug free and I it should stay like that.