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I’ve been looking to purchase the unlocker for Yatse, but the prices were a little to high for me. I tried emailing on the support email, but it’s been a few days and I haven’t received a response.

I was hoping my request would meet some consideration here.

I absolutely love Kodi, and me and my mum were able to navigate Kodi with ease and watch some regional shows (we’re from India!) thanks to Yatse and a few plugins.

Unfortunately, the plugins have shut down, and the only way to stream shows is sharing via website.

I’m a poor college student, and will need to pay Rs. 199 per account (for me and my mum) for two accounts. That much could get us a few good meals here.

I request you for a reduction in price for the two accounts I need.

Thanks in advance!

I’m sorry but there’s no possible price reduction per user.

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Is there a way to share my Pro account with my mum? I’m not always home, and I take my phone with me.
Thanks for the quick reply! I love your work Tolriq!

The legacy unlocker support Google family sharing.


Thanks for the family sharing option, but as a long time user with a legacy unlocker bought before 2016, it seems you did not allow it :cry:

Will you do so?
Or how can I share the licence with my kids without buying one for each ?
I’m willing to rebuy one, but not 3…

OK found a way : will buy a new one with another family account to be able to share (and renew my support!)

Are you for real? This app has move development than 90% out there and your asking for a reduction? If you want something, do something extra for it. Mow a yard, rack some leaves, ect.

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  1. I was trying to reach out the developer, Tolriq. Doesn’t look like you’re part of his team, so it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
  2. I’m very comfortable with working online from a village somewhere in India - not to mention - without a degree. Maybe you mow lawns and rack leaves to make a buck, but that’s not my level.
    I make how much I make, and I spend how much I spend. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
  3. Not very nice of you to give unsolicited advice. If you can’t help, STFU.
    How about you go to or one of those other hunky-dory forums and show off your pretentious, snobbish persona there?


You made a public post on a public forum asking a developer to reduce his cost on a product he actively designs so that you can have it…

If I came to your place of work and ask you to take less for what you do, would you or would you not tell me to pound sand?

if you didn’t want other people to comment on it you should have sent him a private message.

Have a good day.