Hello. I just bought yatse. I've got some questions about intents - automation

I currently use podcast addict and poweramp for playing video playlists, music playlists, audiobooks and podcasts. I use a remote with multiple buttons bound to different playlists - both audio and video using tasker.

Can I replace podcast addict with yatse maybe? What I need is some intents that work without opening the app (even the intent should start playing in the background locally if it’s audio):

Intent 1: Songs. A way to shuffle a specific music genre without resuming.
Intent 2: Podcasts + Audiobooks. A way to resume a specific ordered music playlist from last item and position.
Intent 3: Music Videos. A way to shuffle a specific video playlist without resuming.
Intent 4: Video Podcasts + Movies. A way to resume a specific ordered video playlist from last item and position.

I’m asking for offline files only. I don’t care about online ones.

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Well currently one 1 is possible since Yatse does not handle offline playlists yet :slight_smile:
Easiest way is with parsing voice commands ‘play some XXX music’

That sounds promising. Let’s say I create these plex sections:
A. Movies [Resume. Next key goes to next movie (resume)]
B. TV Shows [Resume. Next key goes to next series (resume)]
C. Music Videos [Shuffle. Next key goes to beginning of next video]
D. Audio Podcasts [Resume. Next key goes to next podcast (resume)]
E. Audiobooks [Resume. Next key goes to next audiobook (resume)]
F. Video Podcasts [Resume. Next key goes to next video (resume)]
G. Music [Shuffle. Next key goes to beginning of next track]

Is there an intent to resume OR (need both) shuffle offline files from a specific section?

Do those voice commands work on offline files? Can I use the API / tasker to send a voice command without it automatically opening the app?

Can I create intents/tasker tasks for these voice commands:
A. “Shuffle my rock music”
B. “Resume Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast”
C. “Resume The Two Towers audiobook”
D. “Shuffle my music videos without resuming any of them”

You can handle A/D (from last part) already for offline and without opening the app.

For the rest Yatse does not yet support audio books or podcast from Plex and there’s no support for playlist or offline playlist yet.

In all cases if support for all those comes there’s no promise and no delay.

Well if it supports music from plex then it probably also supports audiobooks since it’s just a music section with “Keep resume points” on. Also I’ve got my podcasts set as music sections as well in plex. It can probably work there as well. I’ll give it a try.

What I worry about is the handling of “resume/not resume/shuffle” on voice commands. Also the ability to limit the command to a specific section.

I want to be able to “shuffle section and ignore resume points on next tracks” (for music/music videos) and “resume section and do not ignore resume points on next tracks” (for podcasts/audiobooks/movies/shows)

There’s no concept of sections in Yatse. You can filter by sources that correspond to sections in Plex world but voice commands are not tied to that.

Future playlists support should include smart playlist so will support dynamic playlist based on sources, so kinda reproduce that section way.

So to resume no section support, no resume for music from voice commands currently.

I will use plex genres to separate audiobooks, podcasts and video podcasts. If it works it will be a workaround to separate sections.

Any way to limit a command to only play offline files?

Not yet, but please open a feature request to add API to toggle offline only setting. Won’t add this in the voice commands directly as it would make complex sentences. But having a way to toggle on/off the settings from API is OK.

Added two feature requests. Just want to mention that the voice command shuffle behaves exactly the same as play instead of a random song playing each time



You can directly upload here :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks seems Google AI does not find understand the shuffle will look into it too.

But I guess in all cases playing by genre should always be shuffled by default.

I don’t know about that. My audiobook genre shouldn’t be shuffled. Do voice commands work offline btw?

Voice commands works fully offline but in a way less powerful way as it’s manual parsing engine instead of the powerful AI one.

Audiobook genre makes no sense in being played as is and is an exception, saying play some audiobook should be the same as play some salsa and so be random. Your usage of genre to create a section should not dictate what genre are first.