Group albums by artist when browsing by genre

When browsing the music library by genre, under each genre all albums of this genre are listed and can be sorted by artist. This list can be very long though, and it would be very convenient to have the option to have albums additionally grouped by artist (maybe as a sorting option, otherwise as a setting). With that you could browse genre -> artist -> album.

If implemented, it would have to be decided if the grouping goes by the “artist” or the “sort artist” field. I think both are legitimate, so maybe this could be an option, too :wink:

Thanks for even considering this.

There is already a settings for genre to go to artist :slight_smile:

Nooooooooo! :smiley: I feel like a noob now. I have looked quite a bit for that, but obviously not enough. And grouping actually goes by “album artist” - you’re the best! Thanks!

But: it seems that album artists of compilation albums are not listed here, i.e. there is no way to navigate to compilation albums through the genre list if this setting is turned on.

I can find that artist in the overall artist view, but not when I go to the genre. This is independent if “album artist only” is turned on or off.

If I turn the “music genre to artists” setting back off, the albums do appear in the proper genre list.

Is this a bug or another feature I missed?

Open issue with logs and more details / your music db so I can repro.

I did here: Album artists of compilation albums are not shown if "Music genre to artists" setting is enabled