Go straight to large player

After a user selects an audio track, immediately open the large player (instead of the small player) and begin playing the track.

This will improve user experience in my opinion as it streamlines navigation.

The large “player” is the small too just swipe it.
It would not streamlines the navigation but break it for everyone who wants to queue anything after, even Kodi does not go full screen audio player when playing a song.

Futhermore the player screen is tied to the player playing :wink: So if the media does not start or Kodi takes 10 seconds to start a media there’s nothing to display, displaying a full screen thing 10 seconds after clicks makes no sense too.

So to resume, sorry but no I won’t.

Hi, I should have been clearer in describing how I use the app and my suggestion, but at least having the option to go straight to the player I feel would be helpful for some people who use the app differently…

I’m using Yatse as a client to play media (mostly music) from jellyfin. After selecting an album, then a track it would be convenient if it opened up the ‘proper’ player and began playing, rather than the little play bar preview at the bottom. If there’s a delay of 5 seconds for the first track while a hard drive spins up, it’s irrelevant what is on screen as it’s an unavoidable wait anyway and won’t be repeated in that listening session. To get into the player, It takes an additional click on the little play bar that soon becomes annoying (also difficult in a car), to click precisely on the right spot. On pixel phones, swiping up from the bottom of the screen minimises the app, so that’s not an option for many people. Also, once in the player, if it was possible to to swipe left and right to change track, it would complete a nice smooth way of operating the music player, much like many of the best music players for local files do.

You’ve created a very good app with amazing range of functionality, hence why it’s no longer limited to being a kodi remote and is becoming an all-in-one media client so people will use it differently. If the option can be added, it would be greatly appreciated.

I use a pixel in gesture mode and can swipe to open the bottom bar without any issue and you can click anywhere on the bar to open it :slight_smile:

And as explained opening the player on starting a song would be very intrusive, any person who queue at least 2 songs would be annoyed to have something breaking their navigation.

And no showing an empty screen during song loading makes so sense either.

For the swipe to change the feature request is not closed but the gesture impacts many things so is far from easy to implement.

And to finish, Yatse fully support Android Auto including in phone mode and that’s what you are supposed to do in the car for safety :wink:

Cool, thanks for the reply. I’ll try Android Auto with Yatse. Keep up the good work with this great app.

No seeking (fast forward / rewind) when operating via android auto. the search for perfection continues!