Getting ads when I pause stream android 5.1.1 I have paid for this, why am I getting ads?

So, I have the legacy unlocker, which seems to work with my newer device (galaxy s9+) but when I use it on my original device that I purchased it on (locked to android 5.1.1) I get pop up ads every time I pause a stream. This is most frustrating, as I use this old tablet a lot when I am away from home. How can I fix this?

Use another video player like VLC?

Yatse have no ads so can’t display ads. What you see is generated from your Video Player application.

Wtf man, how… What… I mean I’ve loved this app for so long and this is the first issue I’ve had and you’re like all replying within minutes to an app that is a decade old. You are a freaking legend. It appears you are, of course, right. I was using MX player which used to be good and free, must have updated recently. Unfortunately VLC doesn’t seem to work on this old system. Not your problem though. Thanks for the ridiculously prompt reply