Filmography content bugs

Hello my friend!

Issue description:
As you can see in the images, if I enter the filmography screen of an actor (like David Harbour in this case) and I scroll down, the movies/tv shows mixes.
First screenshot looks good. Then I scroll down (2nd screenshot), which is still fine. If I scroll to top again (3rd screenshot) Stranger Things suddenly comes to the movies section!? On the 4th screenshot I moved again back most and the movie Brokeback Montain is displayed now as TV Show…



Additional information:
I am using the latest version (9.30.0/11044-arm64-v8a) on my LG Nexus 5X.
However afaik this issue happend already on the previous version.

Will be fixed in next version. Next time try to report earlier to have bugs fixed :wink: