File mode "Play Random" doesn't play music in Sub folders

File mode “Play Random” doesn’t play music in Sub folders


There’s 10 sub folders and 3 songs in main folder pressing Play Random says starting 13 items but only the 3 songs in main folder get added to playlist.
Sometimes is says starting 13 items but nothing is played and I have to try it 2 or 3 times before it plays anything and then it’s always the 3 songs in main folder.

Can you please provide Yatse logs How to get debug information and open a proper issue and more details about where and how you browse inside Yatse to start the media?

Oh crap sorry, spent so long uploading a million logs to kodi forum that I completely forgot about the yatse log lol.
Yatse log:

Screen recording:

I’ve just realised there’s 410 songs in all them folders which might have something to do with it?
EDIT: Just tried another folder with 1 subfolder and 36 songs all together and still does it so it’s not the large number of files causing it.

No it’s Yatse that add the folders to the wrong playlist I’ll investigate tomorrow with logs and video I should be able to reproduce.

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Please test attached APK.

Yatse-beta-arm64-v8a-final.apk (8.7 MB)

Brilliant, that has fixed the issue.