Error trying to restore backup from file

Issue description:

When trying to import a backup made on another device (backup made to file) I receive a toast message saying “Error”.

I did get the debug logs but they do not seem to contain anything relevant. File is encrypted (though I know the password) so I cannot check if it was properly created.

So I’ve asked my crystal ball and it have no answers …

I’m glad that you can read a log, but if they are mandatory it’s for a reason. (4.3 KB)

The reason I did not upload the logs upfront it is that I am not even sure whether they captured the situation. Please let me know if anything additional is required (old/new yatse version, old/new Android version…)

The logs effectively have nothing, please show exacly how you try to restore and the exact error messages and be sure to have logs on when trying to restore, everything is logged.


  • yatse pro (In-App Unlocker) 10.12.0/71108214-arm64-v8a @ Tolriq
  • backup done through settings - export settings, hosts,…
  • all is checked, password is set (required step)
  • exported file (.yas) is ~26 kB and uploaded to a shared storage


  • yatse pro (In-App Unlocker) 10.12.0/71108214-arm64-v8a @ Tolriq
  • enable debug logging, confirmed with a message on a red background
  • manage settings - import setting, hosts,… - select file from a shared storage
  • receive “Error”
  • stop debug logging, attach the zipped logs here (1.4 KB)

Can you screen shot that error message? There’s nowhere in Yatse a simple error message displayed. Sounds like an issue with your shared storage and the OS.

Try to save it the download folder and import from there ?

Ha, and that was the actual solution! Somehow yatse does not like my nextcloud instance. As soon as I put it onto a local drive the import prompt appears and after putting in the password it succeeds.

Maybe yatse wants to access the file in a way that Nextcloud plugin does not support (like random access for a streamed file?).

Anyway, glad it worked and thank you for your assistance.

Again you still have not shown the error message, it does not come from Yatse so the issue happens before between the OS and nextcloud.

The problem is that is a toast message saying just “Error”. There is nothing else. And yes, it can very well be from OS. I may try to check in adb shell when I have a moment (but not sure if you’re interested in seeing that anyway)

Yes some adb logcat could help in case I need to hack something in the params to SAF, but there’s very very little thing I can do with that bugged API, thanks Google for breaking simple things :slight_smile: