Episode list of VRT NU addon not loading in Yatse

Describe the bug

Using Yatse, navigating the VRT NU addon menus, when e.g. going to het Journaal, the episode list is empty

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Android phone > Yatse app > Addons > VRT NU
  2. Click on het Journaal
  3. See Yatse indicating that the list is empty

Expected behavior

Previously (a few weeks ago) the list was populated with the episodes.

Additional context

  • Operating system: Android 9
  • Kodi version: OSMC Easter Version (Kodi v18)
  • Addon version: Latest
  • Using a VPN: yes/no: no
  • Country you are using the addon from: Belgium

Log (if available)

Let me know if you need any logging from Kodi or could use adb to fetch from Yatse

Why remove template from here and invent a new one? :slight_smile:

Anyway I always needs Yatse logs, there’s no need for ADB it’s fully integrated:

I’ve mailed the debug log.

Reason for issue template is because I also filed it on the Github page of the addon creator, who suspects it is not an issue with his addon but possibly with Yatse. There this template is used. Sorry if I’m missing any info, just let me know if there’s any other info you need.


There’s no issue in Yatse :wink: Kodi Addon API is ultra limited, issues are always on Addon / Kodi side.

Anyway it’s an addon error

“artist”:[],“episode”:-1,“file”:“vrtnu.be/a-z/vrt-nws-extra.relevant/”,“filetype”:“directory”,“genre”:[],“label”:“VRT NWS extra”,“lastmodified”:"",
“mimetype”:“x-directory/normal”,“playcount”:0,“rating”:0.0,“resume”:{“position”:0.0,“total”:0.0},“runtime”:0,“season”:-1,“showtitle”:“VRT NWS extra”,“size”:0,“title”:"",“track”:-1,“type”:“tvshow”,“year”:1969}

This is what the addon returns for each entries.

The file value is wrong “file”:“vrtnu.be/a-z/vrt-nws-extra.relevant/” this path can not be browsed or anything done with it, addon must return valid path.

You are correct, addon dev confirmed it was their bug :slight_smile: