Doesn't have an IPTV channels list

Hi, I’ve just started using yatse to control Kodi 17.6. I have a IPTV list (simple client) installed on my kodi.When I use yatse to select a channel I must always looking to smartphone to see wich button i’m pressing and simultaneously look at the TV to sse what I’m selecting. It’s very boring and it’s not pratical. Is there a way to see the channels list in yatse? The only way I found was trough PVR menu but, in there, I must press the channel first and then choose “play” from the little menu . Again, it’s not pratical. Why don’t yatse have a “TV” submenu like PVR, Movie, Music, etc. I mean, like the one on Kodi… Thank You. Sorry bad English!

You can change the action on click on channel in the settings.

And well PVR screen is what you are asking :wink:

Please can you be more specific. What settings, in Kodi or yatse?

Obviously Yatse :wink:

And all settings are covered in the wiki. Settings/Interface/Library/ default channel action.

It’s working as expected. Thank You.