Custom Command for Video Playlists

Hi friends
I use “custom commands” for different things and it works fine. But i can’t find a way to open my Video Playlists with one click. As example I use Kodi Wiki for Commands like ActivateWindow (Video), but in the video window the playlists are one of a couple of categories.
Is there a possibility to open my playlists category directly?
Tks for any hint.
Greetz Roli

I’m sorry but I don’t know :slight_smile:

Usually the best way to find those command is either to add them to favorites when you can and use the content of the xml, or ask in Kodi forums what’s the command to put in a keymap file.

Then use those as custom commands.

Thanks for your fast workaround suggestions. But honestly, thats a lot work for a little luxury…
I take my old way over yatse videos button and the click on playlists.
Little remark:
Although I do not need most features of the full version, I still bought them. The app is really great! :wink:


And this is not that hard, but Kodi have millions of windows and commands, no one can know all of them except those who deal with them everyday like skinners.

Asking on Kodi forums won’t kill you and you’ll gain a few clicks each time :slight_smile:

And do not hesitate to post the solution here once you find out :slight_smile:

You right it’s not that hard. I made some addon bugfixes in kodi apps. I newer programmed phyton, but it’s easy with crazy syntax.
My job is Software Engineer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If i find the time, i’ll do it.

But first you fix your little “custom commands” bug. :grinning::grinning::grinning: