Creating a command to switch on an Amplifier

HI have just installed yatse and it is working well. However what I would like to do is switch on my av amplifier as a custom command within yatse (through wifi obviously). Is this possible?
Additional information:

You lack a mega tons of details to be able to answer that question actually :slight_smile:

If your receiver is supported by one of the A/V receiver plugin most support that natively, if your receiver have an API for that over HTTP.

So all I can say is probably :slight_smile:

sorry for the lack of detail, I use a broadcom rm mini ir blaster to send a signal to switch the av receiver on, so I need to send a signal to that in order for it to work. The app for this is on the same device as yatse. So my thoughts were if I can capture the data sent by that app (somehow) and add that to a command on yatse directing it to the ip address + port of the blaster…

From a quick look it seems the app on the phone start a webserver that accept commands.

So you can add a custom command inside yatse to talk to that server by using as the IP.

For the url you need to find the doc see to find the ips (or similar google search).

Support for the specific device is out of Yatse support sorry.

Thanks so much, that gives me a good start anyway