Cover not Displaying during play

Hope i will find solution here, but thx in advance for this Board Support.

My issue is when i’m playing an album with Yatse (offline title, downloaded with Yatse full version on my phone), on the local device, covers not displaying in full player screen.

Whereas i can see it in other view mode like playlist or album details

Also if i push next track or previous track button, i can see the cover display blinking 0,5secondes on my screen and just disappear.

The last fact i observe, is when i play an album downloaded in my Kodi Media Center, then in offline mode i finally have covers displaying. So it is a little boring to play each album in my media center one time, in order to have the cover displaying in my yatse player offline.

I just try to uninstall and install the app & same issue
Hope someone could help me

Thx to the community

Please add logs so I can see what happens on your device.

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Thx for your time :star_struck:

Here my log log

have a good day

Well from the logs Yatse think that the images are not cached and from the second screen it seems they are :wink:

I’ll have to try to reproduce and find why :frowning: If I can’t I’ll probably send you a debug builds with more logs to understand the issue.

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Wow !! you are so fast :sunglasses:


And as i’ve said before, when i changed tracks with “next” button i have the cover displaying in full screen, like 0.5 sec and it disappear :thinking:

Very strange

Hope you’ll find :+1:

Next version will have a fix for that.

Long answer, to blur the background Yatse needs an higher quality image in cache that it does not have as for the rest of the app the images are in lower quality (but difference should not be visible by eyes :wink: it’s mainly way less disk space and faster access).

:crazy_face: Wow good Job :+1:

Waiting for the next version !

But am i the only one with this issue ?!

Thx so much

The only one that only plays locally without playing first on Kodi and bother to report yes :wink:

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:rofl: Ok :ok_hand:

See ya soon

Hello i’m Back…
Hope you are fine :wink:

I’v got exactly the same problem since few updates… I was waiting, hoping it will be fixed … But no.

Sorry for disturbance, but could you check my log plz.
Thx so Much

And my Log

Will be fixed again, but as written everywhere bugs don’t fix by magic, so do not wait to report them :wink:

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Ok Thx for all !!

And i will :wink: