Control kodi using Yatse without WiFi over the internet


I was wondering if there is a way to control kodi using Yatse over the Internet. So when I’m not at home and on my own WiFi.

Yatse does not care how things are connected as long as they can communicate.

You can use a VPN, expose Kodi behind a reverse proxy, anything that suits your needs.

Just beware to use something that you understand enough to gather the security implications of that.

Thanks for your fast reply. I do understand the possible risks… However, I have no idea how to configure this… But I will do some research… Thanks anyway.

This is very specific to your setup and wayy out of Yatse scope.
But risk are not only at exposing Kodi but that Kodi allows bouncing back on all your internal network. Be sure to properly document if you are unsure on what you choose.

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