Continue from where you left off

Hello, I use Kodi on a firestick and use yatse on android 9 phone to stream local videos to it. I was wondering is there an option to resume the video from where I left off the last time? This works fine when streaming from ftp server but streaming from yatse is way smoother and problem free.

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

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Since you forget the logs all I can say is that everything should work automatically.

I can only guess you are not using Mx Player or VLC as a player or have not selected the proper player in the settings.

Use external player in Kodi? I didn’t know it is possible, but I’ll look into that, thank you, that was the fastest response time ever, respect

Oooooh I just saw the setting in yatse, sorry about that (3.7 KB)

I’ve tried but still the same, what an I doing wrong?

Ho I read the other way around.

Then no sorry in file mode from local device there’s no way to manage resume points :frowning: