Change controls in notification


Is it possible to change the controls on the notification? For example it would be nice to have the forward and backward button on there instead of the “next episode” - button.

Not possible sorry.

The notification is not meant for full control. You can use widgets.

But for that I need to unlock the phone. Is there a technical limitation making this feature impossible?

You posted in support :wink:

The reason is that Yatse have way too many options and this was never asked in 7 years.

You can also remap Kodi keymap to fit your needs if you really need forward in the notification. But fastforward is not something very useful in many cases. Either you want to go faster with sounds and needs atempo or you want to skip intro and need skip.

Oh, I mixed two things up there, you are right, sorry :smile:

I’d like to map the buttons so that once clicking it makes the video jump forward ten seconds, twice 30 seconds, three times 1 minute and so on. (back button respectively mapped). Is that possible? If yes, could you let me know where in the options?

You can do that on Kodi side :wink:

This is adaptive seeking.

Copy the content of the left and right key in videoplayer to the next / previous one :slight_smile:

Perfect, thank you so so much!