Casting media from plexserver

I have my Embey server kicked out.
Now I have install a Plex server.
I can play music with Yatse local files.
When I want to cast the same files they don’t (55.0 KB)
Plex Media Server (4.9 MB)
want to start playing??

The logs are wrong … They are for Emby and 10 months old :wink:

here the new one (16.7 KB)
Plex Media Server (4.9 MB) Hostname not verified:
    certificate: sha256/ZL3aHdxczGyuZIgpSrAIh/drOVHxF1J0II5NumdJGI8=
    DN: CN=*
    subjectAltNames: [*]

You have some bugs on Plex side with the certificates, you may want to try to remove the host in Yatse then add it again.

If it still does not work then this will be for Plex support to say why gives and url but the certificate is for something else.

PFF , I get a com(plex) of this

remove and add again works fine now