Can't play searched songs

Hello, I would like to ask for little help with my problem in otherwise priceless app. Thanks for your time, Vladimir

Issue description: when i search for songs by name from search everywhere button, it finds the song all right but I cannot click it and play it nor queue it. When I search for albums, it works as intended.



Additional information: (9.7 KB)

You have set the option default song action to queue. So since you have something already playing pressing the songs will queue them.

But it seems your Kodi refuses to queue, I’ll need Kodi logs to know why.

So I attached kodi log. I started kodi, searched for white album, files were listed, but when i clicked one of the songs, yatse shown a message that said it started playing but nothing. Then I tried searching a song “why be afraid”, yatse found it, but it was not possible to play nor queue it. No buttons for play, queue next or nothing. Then i quit kodi and got the log. Sorry for not reporting the issue completely at the first try. I never asked anything on any forums :grinning:

Hum the logs does not show the error, please try again while enabling the database component logs and maybe the libcurl too.

To be sure in case Kodi have changed all it’s ids, swipe down in music library to force a sync.

You might want to update your Kodi to 18.9 too as there’s many bug fix in it.

I’ll guess it’s fixes with Kodi update so :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help , I will give it a try. I will let you know if it works :+1:

So… Thank you so much it works in kodi 19:-) I didn’t want to install new version but Was surprised how easy it was, it even remembered all my settings and addons. Thanks for your work. Cheers Vladimir

I was more talking about updating from Kodi 18.5 to 18.9 not necessarily 19.0 :slight_smile: But at least now the big version jump is done too :slight_smile: