Can't control volume outside Yatse since One UI 4 update

My Samsung updated to the latest version yesterday (One UI 4) and now I can’t change the volume outside of the app (including the lock screen):confused:
Probably a Samsung issue but thought I would start here.

The “Use volume keys for media” setting was turned back to off, but even after turning it back on, I can see the volume bar for media go up and down as I use the volume keys on the home screen, but its not having any effect in Kodi.
Ive confirmed the Yatse setting “Publish Media session” is enabled.

Yatse ver: 10.11.6
Kodi ver: Tried on 18.5 and 19.3
Phone details: Samsung Galaxy S10e
One UI ver: 4
Android ver: 12


Well as the template says logs are always mandatory :wink:

Anyway in this case I’ve documented this as much as possible, this is a Google issue, they remove the function due to a lawsuit with Sonos. They added back later a small hack but it only works with Chromecast.

Waiting for Android 12L api changes to see what will be possible to fix in the future.

Oh ok, sorry did search but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for the reply.
P.S love your work :slight_smile: