Automaticaly play next music video

I have a basic question regarding music videos:
I have some music albums from bands with tracks in .mkv format with 5.1 dts audio.
I have them stored on a windows PC server in a folder structure made available to an OSMC raspbi KODI client via smb share. The album folders contain .nfo files with the meta data for each music video.
Yatse wonderfully recognizes all the files and infos and shows them in the music / music videos tab.

However, if I want to listen to a whole album, the next music video won’t be played automaticaly if I
start playback with Yatse. The KODI itself does this, as the corresponding setting in KODI is enabled.
Is there a way to also let Yatse automaticaly trigger the playback of the next music video?

Not currently, but you can in file mode then play all.

Ok then, thanks a lot for the very quick response. Hope you continue your fantastic work.
I have raspified, kodified, and yatsefied my complete home entertainment:
5 clients running flawlessly and I can’t imagine changing to something else :).