Auto-start Yaste on media playback

Hi there!

In my previous phone whenever I launched a movie using my tv remote the Yaste app (notification) would be auto-started on my phone, pausing the whichever media I was playing in my phone (radio app for instance)

I am not getting neither of these two features now. What do I have to configure to get that experience?

(I´m on Android 8.1)

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Check the notification and lockscreen control in settings?

Yeah, I´ve already enabled Lock Screen Controls and Show Notifications under General settings

Could this be an android thing? Do I have to give any kind of permissions to the app or the notification?

You removed the issue template and did not upload logs that makes helping harder :wink:

The easiest way to be sure Yatse is started is to have at least one widget somewhere on your home screen.

I´ve just check again and apparently today´s update has solved the auto-start issue. On the other hand, other apps are not being paused.

I´ll try to provide a log and sorry about the template

Here´s the log:

I was playing a radio app, I launched a movie via the app and the radio was not stopped.

Does volume keys outside Yatse shows Yatse in the list of volume targets?

Does the other application correctly handle ducking and respect Android standards.

And to finish the fact that other media pauses are more a side effect of what I’m forced to do to offer screen off volume control than a “feature”

Yes, it does show Yaste in the volume target list.

I guess they do it correctly, I´ve tested it with a several well know apps (Spotify, PocketCast, PlayMusic…)

Well Yatse is not a local player so as said this was never a “feature” it was a side effect that bothered some other users.

If it’s now inverted I’m pretty sure more users will be happy about that, but it’s not something I will add on purpose sorry.