Audio playback starts twice?


Issue description:
When I start playback of an audio file through yatse (e.g. file mode), it begins playing for a split second, then restarts after a short dropout.
–> This does not happen when I browse through the kodi gui (using a keyboard of yatse’s arrow keys) and start playback this way.
–> If this happens, playback will also not be gapless (as if playback was started an extra time at the beginning of a new track).

I think this is a serious issue, really degrading audio playback. I has been around since the Leya alphas, in
libreelec 8.2.5 (kodi 17.6) it was not there yet.
Case 1: start playback through file mode in yatse (problem shows up)
yatse log:
kodi log:

Case 2: start playback browsing through kodi gui (problem does not show up)
yatse log:
kodi log:


Additional information:
Running libreelec 9.2 (kodi 18.5) on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+. However, I can also reproduce this on a Nvidia Shield running kodi 18 for android, and apparently it’s also happening on Windows. It also happens using OSMC. I reported this to the kodi and libreelec folks a long time ago and nothing happened.

Logs correctly shows that Yatse calls the Player.Open only once with the proper commands so the issue is either a Kodi issue (99%) or a network one that replay the command.

Your Kodi logs does not have the detailed Kodi JSON logs so I can’t see all the commands that it receive, but not sure there’s anything I can on Yatse side.

Does it occurs when playing from library mode?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here are the kodi logs again, this time with json details
Case 1: start playback through file mode in yatse (problem shows up)
Case 2: start playback browsing through kodi gui (problem does not show up)

Yes, this also happens when using the library instead of file mode.
In fact, it even happens when I browse the file section using my web browser instead of yatse.
However, If I start playback through the kodi gui, then the current playlist shows up in the browser at the very right of the window. When I then stop playback and start it again by clicking on the song that still shows at the right, then it does not happen.
If you think that’s crazy, I agree.:wink:

Wow, now after trying this I got an idea. In yatse the playlist will also show when playback was started through the kodi gui. The difference to the browser is it disappears when playback is stopped.
But I can still start playback again from the library view rather than the files view in yatse as long as it is still playing. --> Then I don’t get the problem (like in the browser)!

Yeah I guess it looks like a kodi issue concerning how it handles commands coming from remote control apps.
I wonder if you happen to have an idea where/how this is done in the kodi source? I would try to fix it myself, but I really don’t know where to look.

Kodi properly receive the command once.

So this is a 100% Kodi issue, but it’s fully specific to your setup I have never saw that nor get a report about that.

You should try with a simple Kodi without addons and with local files, then same config with smb (don’t know how you add the SMB share), maybe try NFS.

For Kodi source without reproduction there’s nothing I can tell sorry. You can try to get some traction in Kodi music forum part as Dave is active and efficient, but he’ll also need a proper reproduction way.

Ok, will try that.
Thanks a lot!

You were (of course) correct. Dave fixed it, it’s in kodi 18.6.
Thanks again!