Android Notification bar over Yatse

Issue description: The Android Notification Bar is “over” the Yatse app. Yatse is not full screen.

Logs: I hope there are no logs needed, see screenshot.


Additional information: Yatse 10.12.5/71108216 (Unlocker)
Pixel 4a
Android 12 April Update
Above the Hamburger Menu is the front camera hole.

Thx 4 F1.

At this point I no longer know how to write the template.

Logs are MANDATORY. They have all the details I need to be efficient and avoid the endless time loss of asking them.

Sry… :frowning: (8.0 KB)

Thanks, so that’s strange but can repro on my p3a that I’ve updated.

Did it happen before the April/May update ?

I don’t really know. I recognized it just after the April Update. I got the may Update just ten minutes ago and the problem still persists.

Ok thanks will try to figure out why but since I have a repro it should be possible to fix.

Thank you very much. No stress.

Hi there, it’s me again.
The same Problem exists with the Pixel 6 Pro. Not as bad, but still noteworthy. (2.8 KB)