Also a widget problem

I have created a widget of my favourites.
But unfortunately when I select one of the favourites, there is no reaction.
No problem directly with (6.5 KB)

From the logs your device prevent Yatse from doing network when in background.

See Restricting Background Data On Samsung Phone | TRRC for example on how to allow Yatse to do network from the background. Or check other battery optimisation that samsung may have invented that break Android :frowning:

Hallo Tolriq

Background data usage and data usage allowed when saving data is turned on.

Then it’s another setting on your device, Samsung love to break things and unfortunately I don’t know all their cases.
But somewhere there a setting that drop Yatse network access when Yatse is in the background.

As soon as app is in background:

UI status changed to false from true
Then all network requests fails:
HTTP FAILED: timeout
Then your device tells Yatse it have no active connection
Not Wifi Only: Status[false/UNKNOWN/No active network/true]

As soon as Yatse is back in front:
UI status changed to true from false
Your device tells Yatse that’s it’s Wifi connected
Not Wifi Only: Status[true/WIFI/true]
Then all requests works

This is completely outside of Yatse level and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

See for example : Solved: Random app lose internet connection after android... - Samsung Members For another possible fix