Alexa Next serie episode

Today I installed voice support plugin with Alexa, it works but if I start next episode of a serie the episode is played, when finished the android device having the plugin doesn’t have the state seen of the played episode. So saying next play the same, and while playing this episode saying next doesn’t work because only this episode is in queue. How to play a list of serie episode with voice ?

When playing after the end of the media Yatse sync before so should have the status if the server already have the status. I need logs to see what is happening. (Kodi sometimes have delays in updating the played status).

When the show is playing yes Yatse can’t really know the next, but you can always tell the season and episode numbers you want to see. If an episode is playing you already know the correct values for the next one;

OK, so we need to wait end of file, I have said next during end generic so before the end, I 'll try my wife is playing show now :grin:

Or you can directly say play episode X season Y of Z or any variations around that.

ok, now I try the music, I speak french and try to say Lire album xxx ou lire playlist yyy and it doesn’t work…

Does not work is not something I can address :wink:

I need Yatse logs and plugin logs.

ok strange after activating log, it works, informatic laws :slight_smile:, thx.