Add show name option in Next Episodes etc views

I can change to different views (grid, list, etc), but in none of them will it display the name of the show, only the name of the episode. Sometimes I really can’t tell what show an episode belongs to from the thumbnail.

You have the show name before clicking the button to get to the list.
You can click on the episode either in the overview or in the list after to have the show name and swipe left / right to see all episode fast without returning to that list.

There’s no need to add another option for that sorry :frowning:

In the view before the list I can only see 2 episodes at once, and when clicking on an episode and swiping I can only see one at a time. In the list view I have a much faster overview of a lot of episodes. But I know this is not an important feature, I just thought it might be useful. Thanks for your reply!

Turn the phone to see more ? :slight_smile:

You can also use smart filters, in the show view, create a smart filter with in progress true.
Then click the show you want to watch, click the the play button and select play next unseen :slight_smile: