Add dashboard for headless use of Kodi

During daytime i mostly play radio or other sourced music. My TV is always on. But for saving energy sake i would like Yatse to be a ‘dashboard’ for playing Kodi music without the need of the Kodi interface and an powered on TV
Sure it is possible now but i opt for a dedicated screen which contains transport buttons, browsing music (internet radio, DVC radio, streaming sevices etc) and a gorgeous now playing.
Users could use this on an old phone which acts as the controller.

Yatse is already that :slight_smile:

Just stay in the music home page you have all + remote + now playing in the same screen.

There’s no need for something else sorry.

Actually it’s not. Sorry.
Only music available on the music home page is local music from Kodi.
There is no radio from cable. (normally in the pvr section) and there is no access to addons like spotify.
I hope that i am wrong here

Btw. Art isn’t shown in now playing when playing a favourite

Just as a quick remark. I think you dismiss this request really fast.

I have no control about what Kodi returns :slight_smile: If no art is shown then Kodi does not send it.

PVR is a different section that is supported or not by Media Centers and most of them does not return proper types either without a way to work offline
Same goes for addons with wrong types and without a way to work offline

There’s no way to mix all kind of random stuff in one screen sorry, so no it’s not a fast closing it’s a closing at the normal speed knowing all the ins and outs and faisability.

Haha, sorry for my remark. I should have realised you are more than fully aware of all the ins and outs of Yatse.:pray:t2:
Too bad though it cant be done. :cry:

There’s already 95% of the needs :slight_smile:

Plugins and PVR are exceptions.

Indeed, Yatse is brilliant.
Unfortunately i just need the pvr and a plugin
But no problem. Yatse can do what i want.