Feature Requests

Add option to view information about recording [Implemented] (9)
Add rating to Gridview in Movies [Implemented] (4)
Switch Donate panel in settings for actual Donators [Implemented] (5)
Clone Custom Commands [Implemented] (1)
Import settings extended [Implemented] (8)
Instant playback of pvr channels [Implemented] (4)
Advanced customization of notification [Implemented] (5)
WOL and start kodi and a mode automatic [Implemented] (6)
Playing shared reddit video links [Implemented] (7)
API support for toggling offline mode [Implemented] (2)
Sort collections by newest date [Implemented] (11)
Option to start with a nice now playing screen [Implemented] (6)
Unique window title for bult-in number keypad [Implemented] (9)
Remotely start the computer side KODI [Implemented] (2)
Add show name option in Next Episodes etc views [Implemented] (4)
Pull lyrics from tags or internet [Implemented] (2)
PVR Streaming Locally [Feature Requests] (2)
Automatic Update of database (movies, tv episodes) including offline images [Feature Requests] (1)
Infrared commands (IR) [Feature Requests] (2)
Downscale/transcode images to 1080p prior to sending to Kodi for faster slides [Feature Requests] (1)
Add support for Plex Channels [Feature Requests] (1)
Instant mix option in music library [Feature Requests] (1)
Play and cast local m3u playlists [Feature Requests] (1)
Seconds between each image slideshow [Feature Requests] (1)
Add fanart backdrop of movies and music to chromecast [Feature Requests] (1)
Change Media Center Database [Feature Requests] (2)
PVR: replace playlist by channel programming [Feature Requests] (1)
Add support for other ids than IMDB when sharing [Feature Requests] (1)
Support Plex libraries [Feature Requests] (2)
Android TV Remote Compatibility [Feature Requests] (2)