Feature Requests

Add Movies/TVshows availability on Netflix, Amazon etc [Won't implement] (5)
Add option to hide Shortcuts bar [Won't implement] (2)
Using Yatse with CEMC [Won't implement] (7)
'Make available for offline mode' does not work for DVDs ripped as VIDEO_TS folders [Won't implement] (6)
Sideload function [Won't implement] (2)
Android widget with custom commands [Won't implement] (6)
Assign http commands to default remote [Won't implement] (7)
Support casting to Sonos speakers [Implemented] (3)
Calificar película desde yatse [Won't implement] (2)
Local device media center does not support long format dates and cover images for music [Implemented] (4)
Android Auto - browse the folders ( 2 ) [Implemented] (23)
Add play music videos voice command [Implemented] (9)
Spanish support for Voice Commands [Implemented] (4)
Create a Yatse specific favourite list not stored in Kodi [Implemented] (5)
Queue item through API [Implemented] (2)
Customizable Tabs in music screen [Implemented] (1)
Auto Pause when giving/receiving a call [Implemented] (3)
Playing TV-Show: Yatse info screen shows "year" instead of "tv_episodes.first_aired" [Implemented] (2)
Customize the 'Overview' Screens [Implemented] (1)
Adapt Picon transparency to theme in now playing ribbon [Implemented] (2)
Music smart filters - date added and last played album rules [Implemented] (2)
Album artist shown instead of track artist when playing various artist albums [Implemented] (5)
HTTP Custom Commands - Show response body [Implemented] (1)
Watch later / Favorites [Implemented] (3)
Automatically pause media downloads when disconnected from WiFi [Implemented] (3)
Voice command wish list [Implemented] (5)
Add commands to import list [Implemented] (6)
Is it possible to add tracks to the end of the queue? [Implemented] (3)
Add Now playing media (or selected queue items) as favourite [Implemented] (6)
CEC wake up for android [Won't implement] (5)