Feature Requests

Won't implement Feature that can’t be implemented or does not fit Yatse purpose will be moved to this category. Implemented Implemented feature requests will be moved to this category.
About the Feature Requests category [Feature Requests] (3)
Add support for playlists [Feature Requests] (10)
Search Media by director [Implemented] (1)
Lyrics plugin for Yatse [Implemented] (1)
Favorites for libraries [Implemented] (1)
Google home Connection [Feature Requests] (1)
Could it be possible to wach the lyrics shown on kodi through yatse on the phone? [Implemented] (1)
Implement sleep timer [Implemented] (1)
Add support for custom entries in left menu [Implemented] (1)
Stream only audio of a movie to local Yatse [Feature Requests] (3)
Button on the remote to switch between Bluetooth and HDMI audio [Won't implement] (4)
[PVR] EPG-Guide overview like the Guide-view in Kodi [Feature Requests] (1)
Make Unwatched Items Available Offline [Implemented] (4)
Static right remote panel in landscape? [Feature Requests] (3)
Smart Playlists based on watch data (similar to LazyTV for Kodi) [Feature Requests] (1)
Browsing on Composer tag [Feature Requests] (2)
Support movies premiered [Implemented] (4)
Call plugin extension for whatsapp, skype, viber [Won't implement] (3)
EPG button in pilot mode [Won't implement] (4)
Autoconnect to first running Kodi instance [Won't implement] (4)
Control the mouse using touch surface by holding and moving phone around [Won't implement] (3)
Add option to play Direct Links [Won't implement] (5)
Position of title been played [Won't implement] (4)
Vpn ip adresse information [Won't implement] (5)
Send To All Kodi Devices [Won't implement] (4)
Problems with knowing which setting belongs to which item [Won't implement] (13)
Use Albumart instead of Artist Fanart [Won't implement] (10)
Add folder view in music section [Won't implement] (6)
Car mode (automation) [Won't implement] (2)
Local Subtitles [Won't implement] (2)