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Local and Remote Host IP/Port (2)
Local Subtitles (2)
Car mode (automation) (2)
EPG button in pilot mode (4)
Add option to play Direct Links (5)
Send To All Kodi Devices (4)
Yatse for Apple iOS (5)
Add Movies/TVshows availability on Netflix, Amazon etc (5)
Add option to hide Shortcuts bar (2)
'Make available for offline mode' does not work for DVDs ripped as VIDEO_TS folders (6)
Sideload function (2)
Calificar película desde yatse (2)
CEC wake up for android (5)
PVR channel context menu (3)
Access to subtitles on Yatse (2)
Call plugin extension for whatsapp, skype, viber (3)
Yatse for Windows (4)
Button on the remote to switch between Bluetooth and HDMI audio (4)
Android widget with custom commands (6)
Control the mouse using touch surface by holding and moving phone around (3)
Position of title been played (4)
Using Yatse with CEMC (7)
Adding custom commands to movie details (5)
Enable SD card storage on a Chromebook via Android app (6)
Autoconnect to first running Kodi instance (4)
Assign http commands to default remote (7)
Vpn ip adresse information (5)
Add folder view in music section (6)
Gyroscopic mouse feature (2)