Feature Requests   Implemented

Make Remote top icons editable (4)
Allow text to be selectable on the info overlays (4)
Auto refresh unfinished movies (16)
Is it possible to add tracks to the end of the queue? (3)
Add commands to import list (6)
Jump to list item when a letter is pressed on Yatse keyboard (4)
Customizable Tabs in music screen (1)
HTTP Custom Commands - Show response body (1)
Customize the 'Overview' Screens (1)
Watch later / Favorites (3)
Playing TV-Show: Yatse info screen shows "year" instead of "tv_episodes.first_aired" (2)
Adapt Picon transparency to theme in now playing ribbon (2)
Album artist shown instead of track artist when playing various artist albums (5)
Make Unwatched Items Available Offline (4)
Auto Pause when giving/receiving a call (3)
Queue item through API (2)
Automatically pause media downloads when disconnected from WiFi (3)
Create a Yatse specific favourite list not stored in Kodi (5)
Android Auto - browse the folders ( 2 ) (23)
Spanish support for Voice Commands (4)
Local device media center does not support long format dates and cover images for music (4)
Add play music videos voice command (9)
Voice command wish list (5)
Use app file folders and not cache to store offline media (1)
Support casting to Sonos speakers (3)