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About the Implemented category (1)
Lyrics plugin for Yatse (1)
Could it be possible to wach the lyrics shown on kodi through yatse on the phone? (1)
Search Media by director (1)
API support for toggling offline mode (2)
Option to start with a nice now playing screen (6)
Sort collections by newest date (11)
Music smart filters - date added and last played album rules (2)
Support movies premiered (2)
Playing shared reddit video links (7)
Favorites for libraries (1)
WOL and start kodi and a mode automatic (6)
Advanced customization of notification (5)
Instant playback of pvr channels (4)
Clone Custom Commands (1)
Implement sleep timer (1)
Import settings extended (8)
Add Now playing media (or selected queue items) as favourite (6)
Support for various cloud hosting sources (Dropbox, Box, etc) (2)
Show imdb and user ratings (7)
Switch Donate panel in settings for actual Donators (5)
Add rating to Gridview in Movies (4)
Add option to view information about recording (9)
Make Remote top icons editable (4)
Allow text to be selectable on the info overlays (4)
Auto refresh unfinished movies (16)
Is it possible to add tracks to the end of the queue? (3)
Add commands to import list (6)
Jump to list item when a letter is pressed on Yatse keyboard (4)
Customizable Tabs in music screen (1)